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Toner vs Essence
  • 20.06.17 19:29:47


Toner vs Essnece. This perhaps drums every skincare enthusiasts’ mind at least once in their skincare journey. As the skincare industry is nowadays brimming with new products with added names, there are numerous skincare product types amongst which, cannot be virtually distinguishable. Serums and ampoules are products in the middle of this identity crisis pandemic. They are literally made out for the same purposes, to soak the skin in active ingredients in order for the skin to be the skincare-products-ready condition.

A big revelation perhaps to some of those, essences and toners are no different from these two. They are to help replenish moisture and to maximise the effects of the skincare products you put on afterwards. Some may say these skin care products are just by-products of companies’ marketing. Though It may be true between serum and ampoule, this is not always the case for toner and essence. They both yet have some similarities, however, differentiate from each other with distinctive characteristics.

Things in common

1. Both are meant to be applied after cleansing and before moisturising.

2. To some extent, toners and essences are to give support by strengthening the framework of the skin so as to maximise other skincare products, there are some differences. However, the core principle is the same.



The differences



1. Toners are to balance one’s skin pH balance after washing and brush off impurities left on the skin.  

-> Back in the days, toners were used more often and were supposed to be used to restore one’s skin pH balance as most cleansers were much harsher than nowadays with highly alkalic ingredients due to lack of technology development. However, with newest developments in skincare technology, most cleansers nowadays have a low pH yet with good cleansing power without stripping the skin.

Therefore, toners do not necessarily restore pH balance as cleansers are much gentler than before and therefore losing their ground in the modern era of skincare.

Alongside the technologies, however, recent toners made nowadays contain ingredients that differentiate per se from the old-school toners, by adding in active ingredients. Glycolic acid, for instance, is one of the active ingredients used for a toner nowadays in order to give an extra exfoliating effect to the toner. In addition to it, antioxidants such as vitamin are another popular ingredient used most for a toner.

 The downsides

One of the most problematic properties of a toner, is generally its alcohol-based ingredients. Some toners made by cosmetic companies have replaced the alcohol with other ingredients, however, in general toners contain yet some degree of alcohol. The alcohol properties of a toner can be a potential issue of skin problems as most alcohol cause dryness and weakens the skin barrier and further to irritation of the skin.



Essences are very common in the Korean market compared to the western beauty market. Essences are generally used to help prepare one’s next skincare steps after cleansing. Essences are well-known to hydrate the skin and increase the effectiveness of other skin care products as well as their absorption rates of the skin.

The biggest difference compared to toners, is in the ingredients. Essences are mostly based on botanic active ingredients rather than acids or alcohol. The botanic ingredients are to help increase permeability into one’s skin barrier thereby increasing the effects of skincare products. That said, consistent use of an essence may improve the permeability of the skin.

The downsides

As opposed to toners’ drying properties, essences are designed to hydrate the skin. However it is very important to use an occlusive moisturiser after an essence to retain the skin hydrated. For instance, the increased permeability of the skin means it is more prone to lose skin moisture. An essence is a double-edged sword and may give you an adverse effect if you do not pay attention to your skin.


The right skin types for toners and essences


One with oily skin may benefit from using a toner. As the alcohol content of a toner dry the skin, this can help decrease the level of oiliness of the skin. However, like every skincare product, you need to go through some try-outs and failures to find the right one for you.


Essences, as opposed to toners, may be more suitable for those with dry skin. Most essences are hydrating and open up the skin barrier for the next skincare steps to maximise the effects of skincare products. If you have dry skin, you may benefit from adding an essence to your skincare routine.


The PURITO Centella Unscented Toner contains neither alcohol nor added fragrance (essential oil) that can potentially irritate the skin. This toner boasts its low pH of 5.5 and is packed with hand-selected ingredients, Centella Asiatica and Panthenol. Soak your skin with the pure goodness that PURITO Centella Unscented Toner has to offer.

The PURITO Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence contains micro-sized nourishing particles to provide nourishment to the skin. With the addition of Niacinamide and Adenosine, this essence is to boost cell turnover and improve skin elasticity. Let your skin be soaked with the nourishing ingredients that this essence has to offer.

 All Information is factual and based on our research

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